Chlorine Dioxide Chemical Transfer System

What is the background information?

A newly refurbished five star hotel in central London had the issue of their chlorine dioxide plant being located in a basement tank room that was only accessible by a fixed ladder. In order to replenish the chemical stock for the chlorine dioxide generator the site staff were having to manually carry 25Kg drums of activator and pre-cursor chemical down the ladder to the unit.

Due to the risks associated with manual handling, more often than not the chlorine dioxide generator would not be replenished with the required chemical. This resulted in the rather large and complex water system supplying the hotel being left untreated and a subsequent potential increase in risks to the guests.

The hotel’s chief engineer asked Managed Water Services, as his new water treatment supplier, to come up with a solution for a remote chemical delivery system.

More about the premises and help that was offered from MWS

The hotel is the West End of London and is unrivalled locally in the service it offers. Chlorine dioxide was specified in the recent refurbishment as the water systems were large and complex. Managed Water Services were asked to undertake the servicing of the chlorine dioxide unit as well as other legionella related tasks shortly after the hotel’s opening.

Managed Water Services have experience in undertaking installation and service of chlorine dioxide generators and were able to offer the hotel’s engineering staff case studies and references for their peace of mind.

With the objective of minimising manual handling issues and ensuring the chlorine dioxide unit continued to run and provide an effective strategy for legionella control in the hotel’s water systems, the MWS team set about designing a chemical delivery system.


The chemical delivery system provided by Managed Water Services staff was manufactured, installed and commissioned eight days from receipt of order. Once commissioned certified training sessions were held with the engineering staff to ensure they were competent when using the system. Clear instructions with out of hour’s emergency contact phone numbers were also posted to the system’s location.

Now the remote delivery system has been installed the chlorine dioxide generator has not run out of chemical, which means that the hotel’s water system has remained protected, which means that the guests have not been exposed to unnecessary risk.

The hotel’s chief engineer has been able to minimise the manual handling risks he previously had. Site staff are very happy that 25Kg drums of chemical do not have to be carried down a fixed ladder!