Why you should service your water softener –

Your water softener contains many moving parts that will wear with time.  It is important to replace certain parts of the water softener on a regular basis to ensure that slippage does not occur and the plant continues to protect your assets.

  • Our routine service will include:
  • A full strip down of each valve to check pistons seals and spacers are not worn.
  • Service checks to brine assembly and injectors.
  • Service checks to all operational valves associated with the water softener operation.
  • Full regeneration of each unit and checks to all stages of regeneration to ensure correct operation.
  • Service checks to brine well and system to ensure correct operation,
  • Resin bed clean.
  • Service checks to the controller to ensure correct operational sequences.
  • Service checks to all softener calculations to ensure correct flow rates and regeneration times.
  • Full report all findings and any recommendations for improvements.