Legionella Risk Assessments

All audits of existing Legionella control systems and procedures undertaken by Managed Water Services are designed to be exhaustive and give clients peace of mind that their responsibilities are met and full compliance with legislation is achieved.

Legionella Risk Assessment

The production of a Legionella Risk Assessment is the first step to ensuring that water treatment is carried out effectively to minimise risk. Managed Water Services acknowledge that this is the first but also the most vital part of any water treatment and management system.

All Risk Assessments undertaken by Managed Water Services will be undertaken by trained, qualified staff and will include the following:


Managed Water Services will assess the level of knowledge of on-site staff and provide training and guidance where necessary. Managed Water Services will establish responsibilities and communications with the clients organisation to ensure that the control of Legionella is understood and managed correctly.


A fully detailed and accurate schematic of all water systems will be produced by undertaking a “desktop” study of the property in question and reviewing O&M Manuals in detail and carrying out a visual survey to identify any modifications to the system and to check accuracy of the O&M information. The Schematic will include all elements of the water systems including all pipework runs, including redundant section and any dead ends and where possible pipe material and size, all assets including water storage tanks, hot water storage vessels/heaters, showers, sinks, process systems, fire suppression systems etc, source and direction of water flow to and from assets, location of valves/pumps and other control elements, location of any existing dosing systems/points on the system.


Managed Water Services will assess the usage of all systems, assess and provide details on the types and number of people who will be exposed to the systems, provide detailed and prioritised information on any remedial works or actions required to achieve a fully compliant water system. These will be illustrated with photographic evidence where possible, recommended control scheme for ongoing compliance