Information Reference Centre

Welcome to the Managed Water Services Information Reference Centre, a page designed to give you a better understanding of how to manage Legionella and informational on the roles and responsibilities of property and business owners.

The links shown below range from codes of practice to specific guidelines issued by the Department of Health and the Health and Safety Executive. They cover many areas in relation to managing Legionella bacteria, assistance in operating a water system safely and helping you to comply with the law.


DH_HTM_0401_PART_A_acc  Safe water in healthcare premises- Design

DH_HTM_0401_PART_B_acc  Safe water in healthcare premises- Operational Management

DH_HTM_0401_PART_C_acc Safe water in healthcare premises-Advice for augmented care units

DofH_115847 flexible hose removal Flexible water supply hoses- problems and actions

HSE Guidance for owners of residential accommodation Approved Code of Practice for residential home owners

HSE Legionella Guidance – indg458 Guidance for Duty Holders

HSG274part1 Technical guidance on control of legionella in evaporative cooling systems

HSG274part2 Control of Legionella Bacteria in cold and hot water systems

HSG274part3 Control of Legionella in other risk systems

HTML 0105 De-con in dental practices Decontamination in primary care dental practice

ACOP L8 Approved Code of Practice- Control of Legionella in water systems

Management_of_Spa_Pools_controlling_the_risk_oof_infections_Part_1 Guidance considered to be good practice in spa pools management

Managing health and safety in swimming pools HSG179 Health and Safety commissioned guidance for swimming pools

PHE Guidance – Responding to Detection of Legionella in Healthcare Premises Guidance for PHE responses on detection of Legionella

Recommended Code of Practice for Safe Water Temperatures Recommended safe water temperatures from TMVA

10 LCA Code of Conduct for SPs Code of Conduct for Service Providers

CQC essential_standards_of_quality_and_safety_march_2010_final_0 What providers should do to comply with Health and Social Care Act 2010

The control of legionella and other infectious agents in spa-pool systems – This guidance is primarily for those who manage or operate spa-pool systems and explains how to manage and control the risks from legionella and other infectious agents: