About Us

The water management company for the 21st Century…

Our Experience

Managed Water Services Ltd was established in November 2005.

The company directors have between them a total of 60 years experience in the water treatment, water hygiene and Legionella control markets.

Our Approach

Managed Water Services Ltd applies a holistic approach to water management.

Understanding the need to control risk at all times, MWS look for alternative systems in order to remove risk totally, but also place importance on the environmental impact of new assets. Where possible we strive to replace systems with those that minimise the impact on resources such as water and power.

Why choose Us

With experience in plant installation and service, traditional water treatment methods and consultancy, Managed Water Services are able to ensure compliance with the legislation.

This ability coupled with the introduction of innovative ideas on risk replacement or substitution, places Managed Water Services as the water management company for the 21st Century.

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